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Our Services

GeoIntelligence offers a vast range of tailored GIS and mapping services. These include consultancy, Spatial data analysis, map creation and GIS support and training. We believe every business has different needs, and as such, we provide personal partnerships with clients to best understand how our expertise can grow your business. 

GIS Consultancy

GeoIntelligence provides extensive GIS consultancy experience, helping organisations, big and small, in a range of sectors to make better use of spatial information to aid decision making and deliver real business benefits.

GIS Data Analysis

We endeavour analyse spatial information, revealing patterns and relationships that enable better communication and decision making.

GIS Mapping

GeoIntelligence can provide a wide range of mapping solutions in order to best visualise assets, customers, service areas and delivery routes in order to maximise business outreach and performance.

GIS Support and Training

We offer tailored technical support and training for solutions that ensure your organisation’s GIS applications, databases and business processes are fully supported.

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